Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Tooth Fairy

Margaret had a loose tooth and was complaining about it so we were waiting at the dr office and I asked if she wanted me to just pull it and she said yes. So I pulled it. And then it bled and bled and bled and she cried and cried and cried. She talked funny for 3 days afterward. But the tooth fairy came and left her some money and all is well. 


Both girls are playing basketball this year and it's been fun watching them. This is Margaret's first time playing and she loves it. 

New Years Eve

We just laid low and went out to dinner  and ice cream with friends and checked out the retro arcade (Mark's favorite new place!) then came home for sparkling grape juice and bed!

And New Year's Day alway requires cornbread and black eyed peas!

Margaret's birthday

Since we had her party early in the month, we just went out to eat on her actual birthday. Mexican, as always, was her choice but our favorite place was closed for a private party. So we went to a different place and I had hoped they did the sombrero/whipped cream thing, too...
And luckily, they did!!

Caroline's choir

OCaroline was asked to join the U of A Children's Choir and had a Christmas/winter concert in mid December. 
This one did good for 3/4 of the show but needed to talk a little so daddy took her to the hall. 

As part of the choir, she was able to join Opera Fayetteville in the performance of The Little Prince. It was a big commitment (3-6 hours of practice a day) and it took up her whole Christmas break. I was very proud of her for not complaining and sticking to it. She did great!
Here she is with the "pilot". 
And with the Little Prince. 

I don't know how many 8 yr olds can say they have performed in an opera, but this one has!!

Lucy's 1st Christmas

It's so fun having a baby at Christmas time. 
Everything is new and exciting and special for them!

And overwhelming at times. Haha. These little cousins met for the first time. It was both of their first Christmas'. 

First time on Santa's lap and no tears!

First time in a high chair at Red Lobster on Christmas Eve. 
Playing with the toys Santa brought. 

Margaret's 6th birthday party

Margaret's birthday is a few days before Christmas which makes planning a party a challenge. Last year none of her friends could come. So this year her only request was that her whole class come to her party. I decided we'd have the party early in the month to try to avoid her friends being out of town. We went with a donut theme, because sprinkled donuts are her favorite thing! We had the party at 10 am on Saturday and told everyone to come in their pjs. It was a really fun time. And about 1/2 of her class plus about 8 other friends came so she was excited!

I had to-go coffee cups and the adults got coffee and the kids could choose hot chocolate or chocolate milk. 

We also had (in addition to 7 dozen donuts ) a decorate your own donut table. It was a big hit.