Sunday, March 23, 2014

Catch up

It's been a while so I thought I'd just go through my phone and see what we've been up to. 
Snow day dress up party. 
Cousin sleepover with Cece when the dads were both out of town. 
More snow. Ugh. 14 snow days this year. 
Caroline's sweet teacher came to her last bball game. 
Sock Hop at Caroline's school. 
Caroline at the dentist. No cavities but she has to go back and get a couple of teeth sealed. 

Lazy dog sleeping in her favorite spot 
Dressed up for a tea party at our favorite bakery. 
And today is my birthday and we celebrated with the most delicious cake!

The newest little princess is due to make her debut in about 12 weeks. I am so blessed!!

Monday, February 17, 2014


I haven't blogged much lately because it. Seems not much is going on. Here's some iPhone pics to document what has been happening. 

Greta in her favorite spot. 

I had an ultrasound at 21 weeks and little girl is doing great. She's still a girl and she's big!  Weighs 1lb 1 oz already!! We can't wait to meet her!

We had so much fun at Cece's 1st birthday party!

Caroline is playing basketball again this year. It's 3 on 3 this year and an all girls league and she is having a blast. 

And we have had so much snow and ice this year.  Caroline's school has been cancelled 11 days. So our running joke is whether she will be in school when the baby is born. 

Margaret is obsessed with the rock wall at the place where Caroline plays basketball so Mark took her to a local place where you can climb. She loved it!!  They had a zip line that she rode too. Caroline was fine to just watch. 

A group effort was involved with Caroline's Valentine box. It turned out so cute. 

Got everyone tucked into bed. 

I guess that's about it. 

Friday, January 3, 2014

Expecting Again

So, yes we are expecting again.  It was a bit of a surprise to be pregnant again right after my miscarriage, but that's just how it worked out.  Things are going great so far.  I've had several ultrasounds and lots of bloodwork.  I took a test to rule out any chromosomal defects and the nurse called on Christmas Eve to say that we had a perfectly healthy little baby.  The test also tells the gender, so we got to announce that we are having another girl.  Crazy.  This will be my dad's 5th granddaughter.  I joked on facebook that I'm not sure what he did right/wrong in life to deserve that.  He says right, he likes girls and wouldn't know what to do with a little boy. 

And this thing is my best friend.  I can't feel the baby kicking or moving very much, yet.  So for the past 6 weeks this has been my peace of mind. Even the girls know how to use it.  They'll listen and say "No, that's your heartbeat" and when I find the fast heartbeat they'll say "there she is".

I pray everything continues to go well and we both stay healthy and would appreciate your prayers as well.

Magical Vacation

I realize I need to catch up on Christmas and baby news, but I'm gonna start with our trip to Disney World!!

We surprised the girls on Christmas Eve with a trip to Disney World.

We left on the 27th and flew to Orlando.
Of course Foxy had her own seat...

We spent 3 days at Magic Kingdom.  We had planned to visit at least one other park, but there was just so much we wanted to do at MK and it was soooo crowded it took us 3 days to do it!

We got a stroller for day 2 and 3 and it made things so much better!

We rode Ariel's Under the Sea Adventure, It's a Small World, Splash Mountain (Mark and Margaret rode that one twice and rode Big Thunder Mountain, too!)  Dumbo, Barnstormer and saw Country Bear Jamboree.

We saw the Christmas Parade.

And the Electric Light Parade.

We watched Celebrate the Season and Celebrate the Magic (Which was my favorite!)

And the fireworks!

And we got to see everything lit up for Christmas.

While there were some downpours where we got soaked and I was pretty worn out being 15 weeks pregnant, we had so much fun as a family.
And we met this guy! He was so nice and could tell Margaret was nervous and made her feel at ease. 


And now Caroline is back to school today.....making up for snow days. 

Friday, December 6, 2013

Snow Day 2013

We got quite a little snow storm the past few days.  First freezing rain and then sleet all day yesterday and then it changed to snow last night and snowed ALL day.  So we have about 2 in of sleet with 7 inches of snow on top of it.  School was cancelled yesterday and today and Mark took calls from home.  So we have been cuddled by the fire in pjs, napping and playing.  Wonderful!


We had a lovely Thanksgiving with my family on Thursday.  The weather was lovely and all the little cousins went with my cousin to shoot guns and set up a duck blind. 


Then with Mark's family we celebrated Christmas on Friday and Saturday in KC.

Oh and then there's this.....

Tis the season...

WIt's November 24th and I feel like I'm on a roll. Tree is up. Presents are wrapped. Cards are in the mail. Now I have this whole week to be thankful. And I am so very, very thankful.
We got a real tree this year. Out of necessity, really. We got our expensive prelit tree out and one strand had gone out and I tried changing the fuses and checking for broken bulbs and finally reached the conclusion it wasn't fixable. Grrr. So we decided on a real one this year. And it's so wonderful. The house smells like Christmas. 
And my Christmas cards arrived yesterday and were addressed and stamped and are on their way to our loved ones.